Uncover Thailand's wonders
- minus the hassle

Tired of Travel Planning Overwealm? Let us handle it. We’re award-winning experts in Thailand Tours. You have earned the right to enjoy your travels without spending hours and hours planning logisitics.
We do that for you. And we love it.

Why Travel with us

ZERO STRESS – travel planning can be a nightmare, we make it a dream – all you need to do is have fun.

  • We’re Award Winners – Our expertise isn’t just claimed, it’s proven.
  • We road test everything & millions of people have watched us doing it on YouTube. Hundreds of RW4U fans have trust us to plan and deilver amazing holidays.
  • RW4U have awesome expert staff & service providers.
  • With us you avoid Hotel Booking Stress, Tourist Traps & High Prices.
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What RW4U clients like you say?

The best thing my wife and I did while researching how to spend 8 days in Bangkok (on our way to Bali!) was to stumble into Chris Parker’s RW4U YouTube channel.  We knew immediately that we’d hit pay dirt with Chris his RW4U Tours team. The prices were so reasonable and the leaders/guides (Mike, Joe, Mas and Beer (her real name!) were the best. We really enjoyed the genuine friendship they showed us. We loved  Wat Pho, Sitting Buddha and Reclining Buddha, The Chinese Market (Yaowarat), Wat’s Awesome Bike Tour, Evening Tuk Tuk Tour with bat stops and much more! We would never have experienced what we did if we were travelling on our own.  Our Thai guides all spoke excellent English which made everything so smooth.  


“I cannot say enough about the RW4U organisation and crew. They went above and beyond my expectations and made the whole trip simple and easy to navigate. I was able to enjoy every aspect of the trip and or adventure we experienced because they had everything planned our perfectly. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I would definitely go back.”


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“RW4U Tours gave us the most amazing experience on our 3-week vacation to Thailand.  We enjoyed Bangkok for a week of many eye-opening adventures in the Big Mango, followed by a week of island hopping in the south and five days of slow rest & relaxation at a lovely beachfront hotel on Koh Samui.  It was 1st class all the way – the RW4U staff handled all the planning, transportation, and other details picture-perfectly.  All we had to do was relax and have fun enjoying every day, the food, the different forms of transportation, the hotels, the beaches, and most of all, the many new friends we made along the way”. 

PAUL & PEGGY HINES (United States)

“I wanted to visit Thailand. All I had were dates.  I don’t speak Thai and was in search of the majestic experience that we all dream about. I was fed up with searching for what to do. I came across RW4UTOURS. It was a life changer. Their staff (Michael, Joe and Noi) helped me, a stranger, see what truly Thailand is and all about. It was that Majestic trip that I was looking for. The hotels, the food, the entertainment, everything felt like it was custom made for me. There are really no number of words that can properly express the gratitude necessary to explain. Many thanks to everybody you made it a life changing trip!” 

DANIEL KEARNS (United States)

“Thanks for the awesome experience.  From Mike’s assistance with flight arrangements,  to Joe and Noi’s handling of the myriad of planes, shuttles, boats and accommodations I was able to seamlessly enjoy the incredible sights and experiences carefree.  An incredible week of fun, food, and amazing new friends.   I’m looking forward to doing it again soon”. 


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