When Chris Parker established his Retired Working For You (RW4U) YouTube channel his objective was to highlight the wonderful experience of what it is like to live in Thailand. And boy has he ventured deep into local Thai communities to give viewers an insight into what it is like being a Thai local.

And now the team at RW4U has selected the most awesome experiences from Chris’s catalogue and rolled them all into three magnificent small group Thailand holidays packed with local culture, spicy Thai food and visiting all of Chris’s favourite places. They really are the best Thailand group holidays in the world and packed with local experiences covered on the RW4U YouTube channel.

RW4UTours make it easy to explore Thailand’s beautiful beaches, pulsating cities, delicious food, local culture, and rich history. RW4UTours operate small group programs (maximum 20 persons). From Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north to Phuket and Koh Samui in the south, RW4UTours is a unique Thailand holiday experience .

Join us in Thailand for your next holiday. We can’t wait to share your Thailand tourism adventure and let you experience the best of Chris Parker’s local Thai lifestyle.

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